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Skinshare SG
Skinshare SG

** Skincare product range, specialized for sensitive skin & eczema care **

A skincare and nutrition platform for eczema by a nutrition therapist in Singapore. We source and recommend hypoallergenic skincare to help the dermatitis/eczema community here in Singapore. After your consult with your skin specialist, we are here to provide further support and care to manage this condition so that you can lead a normal life. We aim to help manage eczema conditions from the root cause, managing the trigger and flare-ups, naturally and holistically.
Our online shop is curated by Bee, who has since recovered from severe eczema. She has selected hypoallergenic skincare products to help sensitive skin, dry skin and dermatitis/eczema sufferers. In our online store, you may search for skincare relief depending on the symptoms & condition of your skin.We source and recommend hypoallergenic, natural and organic skincare products worldwide for sensitive skin/dry skin/dermatitis/eczema community here in Singapore.

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