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Seah's Spices
Seah's Spices

is a local household brand for natural herbs and spices seasoning mixes that carries a Singapore oriental identity. Singapore Bak Kuet Teh is the top selling product of all the 66 products. The best in Best Sellers are Fried Chicken Spices available in 3 flavors i.e. Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices, Herbal Chicken Soup Spices, Buddha Jump Over the Wall Soup Spices, Black Pepper Spices, Singapore Chicken Curry Spices, Singapore Noodles Spices, Singapore Fried Rice Spices, Singapore Fish Maw Soup Spices. Seah Spices used only the best quality herbs and spices. All products are based according to authentic Asian's dishes with NO added preservatives or colorings.

Facebook: Seah's Spices
Contact: 67599551

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