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Quantum Impact Pte Ltd
Quantum Impact Pte Ltd

Quantum Impact has been established since 2010 and has been retailing water filters and water dispensers since 2012.

Quantum Impact Pte Ltd is a leading Water Filtration & Dispenser online retailer. It is our mission to provide the means to better water at great value. We aim to make your experience pleasant, easy and hassle free.

We take great care in selecting quality products for Singapore market. Every filtration system & filter element is designed and manufactured in accordance to proven and stringent manufacturing technology to achieve high filtration performance, thus safely remove most impurities, chlorine, foul tastes and odours while leaving the minerals essential to good health

Our Manufacturers are established with long term track records and are well certified.



Hot & Cold Water Dispensers:

- We provide free Standard installation and delivery for Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

- Standard installations does not include quartz, marble and granite drilling

- Within 2m from water point is preferred

- Electrical socket is required for dispenser to operate

- Hyundai water filter change are at $180 for a set of 4 filters, recommended change of water filters is 9 to 12 months for households and 6 to 12 months for office users.

Non-electric Water Filters:

- Customer can opt for installation at additional $85 for under-sinks and $20 for counter tops

- Faucet installations does not include granite and marble drillings, quartz drillings are available at additional $20

- Filter life and replacement parts depends on the models. Customer can check out the replacement parts and prices at the "Cartridge Replacement" tabs at respective item page at