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Only Zest Livings Pte Ltd
Only Zest Livings Pte Ltd

Good furniture should be made accessible and be affordable to all. Tracing our roots back to the 1960s, the team at Zest Livings know what is quality furniture. Being manufacturers of the furniture pieces, we do not believe in overcharging our customers. Specialising in sofas, armchairs, ottomans, bed-frames as well as bean bag seatings, we are able to provide pieces that are comfy and that would withstand the test of time — all at just the cost of the quality raw material that we use. We provide a slew of custom furniture of varied designs, colours and sizes to suit any of your needs. Should you need even more customised services you can head down to our Danovel shops for even more tailored furniture. We have experienced furniture designers in store to assist you in your requirements. Working with numerous different materials such as stainless steel, chrome, acrylic, fibreglass, latex, we would definitely be able to provide you with a design to your satisfaction.

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