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Gold Gild Ice Cream
Gold Gild Ice Cream

In the 1990s, a group of dessert lovers decided to pursue their passion for ice cream, and their love for unique South East Asian tropical fruits. That's when it was decided to put both together in a creamy, rich and decadent scoop of ice cream

Since then, we've spent years refining the best ice cream recipe, which is currently used in GOLD GILD; our ice cream artisans now crafts and formulates the finest ice cream experience, only with the highest quality ingredients.

What makes us different? We let our tropical fruits bring out the bold, aromatic flavors in our ice cream, embodied in a rich and creamy ice cream texture. The best is, it's made of 100% fruits, no added chemicals/preservatives, so you only get to taste the best.

Why GOLD GILD? We believe that our ice cream is the cream of the crop, and with it being the best, our packaging is designed in a gold covered lid, representing nothing but the best. We hope that you will enjoy our ice cream anywhere, anytime.

Made perfect for every occasion!

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