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Delta Point
Delta Point

Delta Point has been in the Import and Export trading industrial since 1994.

Started out selling Audio and Video accessories. As Delta Point continues to grow, we have diversified into Audio & IT accessories .

In 2005, appointed the sole agent for Kanen .

In 2006, has been appointed agent for Japan brand Kyowa.

Since 2013, Delta Point has been focus in bringing in Korea brand and have been honoured to be the sole agent for Korea brands FEELS.

In 2014,appointed as sole agent for ,T-PEOS ,Cresyn.

In 2016,appointed as sole agent for Phiaton and Home appliances Korea Brand Houssen.

In 2017,appointed as sole agent for Critem Skincare.

Our Mission

To drive demand and creating value between vendors and consumers.

Our Vision

To strive,expand and be the leading distributor in Asia.

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