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Botanica Culture International

Who we are

Botanica Culture was founded in 2010 in Singapore, and incorporated into Botanica Culture International Pte. Ltd. in August 2013.

We are a team of chemists with over 25 years experience in big multinational chemical corporations. After witnessing so many harmful chemicals used by most care companies for their cosmetic, oral care, hair care products, we could not just keep silent. It is time to contribute and educate the consumers. We left the corporate life and devoted our life to search and develop alternatives care products which are safe and at the same time highly effective. We are tirelessly educating people about the risks and the dangers of being exposed to nasty chemicals. By helping them to understand the risks, it will enable them to make informed decisions.

Our Story

We here at Botanica Culture International Pte. Ltd. believe that optimal health is a wonderful whole being experience. We started with Oral Botanica Classic, an organic liquid toothpaste. Why do we start with an oral care product? Because we believe: The mouth is the gate to overall health. After a successful launch of Oral Botanica Classic, we brought Oral Botanica Kids into the market. Oral Botanica Kids was developed to provide chemical free solution for the children’s teeth.

We are not stopping here, we are striving to develop care products which includes oral care, lip care, skin care and therapeutic organic essential oils. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of our products. Hearing the positive feedback from our customers is the most satisfactory experience for us.

We’re focusing our efforts on making products safe through so that we can avoid high health care cost. We choose our ingredients carefully, sourcing them from trustworthy and eco conscious companies. Our product development strategy is to bring the safest possible product in the market, otherwise we do not sell.

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