31 Oct 2018
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A common misconception about healthy food is that it is one of two things – not tasty or not cheap.

Worse if it’s both.

Oh My Goodness! (that’s their real name) is combating these exact issues.

Born out of a need to make gluten and dairy-free food more accessible and affordable, founder Ramya Ragupathi started Oh My Goodness! focusing on making a handful of recipes truly good.

Trends such as the health-food craze are here to stay. From more sedentary lifestyles we are leading, to higher daily stressors, it is more important than ever to make sure your body intake is, at the very least, as clean as it can be.

Cue Oh My Goodness!, with its modern blend of health-consciousness and affordability, customers won’t be forced to make a choice between tasty and healthy.

Much of what Oh My Goodness! has to offer are easily categorised as desserts, from cakes to cookies and even to sweet breads. With best-selling products such as their Signature Chocolate Cake (with stellar reviews) and their Gollykek, a take on the traditional Pandan Cake, Oh My Goodness! strives on being the answer to your sweet tooth cravings. Free of gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar (read: the bad stuff) is the ethos behind the brand and how they go about to create something for your platter, bread basket, cookie jar and pantry.

So while you satisfy one craving on their site, check out the others too!

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