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99%SME Resources

Give your business a boost!
Enjoy these exclusive resources as a 99%SME merchant

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Singtel Connected F+B

Singtel Connected F+B
Accelerate your digitalisation efforts to drive operational efficiency and business growth with a suite of integrated ICT solutions that provide one-stop billing, training and technical support.

Integrated solutions curated by Singtel includes:

  • Point-of Sales systems
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Data analytics solutions
  • Cyber security solutions

Enjoy up to 70% subsidy*
To find out more, click here to drop us an email
*Terms and conditions apply.

Digital Marketing Solution

Advertise your business on Google, Facebook and Instagram to reach more customers

Receive customised proposal to start your first campaign.

Optimise your campaign performance in real-time to improve your return on investment (ROI).

Receive $250 free advertising credits (6 months validity)* when you sign up with other Start Digital Solutions. Click here to learn about the suite of Singtel Start Digital Solutions.

Cashless Payment Solutions

Improve your productivity by enabling cashless payment with DASH payment solution.
Enjoy waiver of MDR (0.8%) & device rental ($38/mth) for the first 12 months*.
To find out more, click here to drop us an email
*Terms and conditions apply.

0.88% DBS Business Loan

First 12 months low interest rate at 0.88% p.a.
Subsequent months interest at 8.88% p.a.
Borrow up to S$300,000 over 5 years (min. 3 years)
Waiver of Processing fees
To sign up, apply here

DBS Business Property Loan

Buying new or refinancing your business property?
Get up to 120% of the value of your business property
With rising interest rates, apply for DBS Property Loan for better value and receive up to S$500 vouchers
To sign up, apply here

Collection solution for Merchants

Allows collections and notifications in real-time, enables access to funds instantly and facilitates easy reconciliation with real-time notifications.
Get Started on MAX now

Accessible – collect from any of the 9 PayNow Participating Banks
Agile – cater to any business model
Affordable – only 0.25% of collection amount via DBS MAX
No Set-up fees, No Subscription fees, No Terminal fees

Hire the right people and future-proof your business with ease

Oversees Transformation
Receive funding support
Overcome challenges through WSG’s programme & services
 Download PDF
SkillsFuture for Small Businesses
SkillsFuture Singapore has helped many businesses learn and gain new knowledge to manage business disruptions. Being small is not impossible. Start your SkillsFuture journey now and explore the world of learning opportunities to transform your business. We have picked a few options to help you kickstart your journey.
For further information, please visit us write to us at

Capability Development Programmes (CDP) by SSG
Digitalisation & Training needs

  • Curated list of training programmes to prepare SMEs for eCommerce/Managing online business
  • The list will be curated to address 3 key SME profiles:
Profile of SMEs SkillsFuture Initiatives
Brick & Mortar
SMEs that are owned by traditional business owners with no digital background.
SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace At $50* (nett), this 2-day course equips the learner with foundational digital skills to welcome technological changes to the workplace.
Digital Willing
SMEs that have some basic knowledge and wish to further establish their online presence and/or acquire ecommerce capability.
Essentials of Digital Marketing At $36.30* (including GST), this 1-day workshop and a half-day seminar will equip you with simple tools to make sense of your business data and successfully plan for future growth in your company.
Digital Ready
SMEs that are digitally savvy and already managing their own online business.
Consumer Purchase Behaviour in e-Commerce At $39.93* (nett), this 2-day workshop helps you to understand the science behind consumer psychology in the world of e-commerce. Find out what makes people buy products online, and what tactics work effectively.
ALL SkillsFuture Jumpstart! Workshop At $42.50* (nett), this workshop helps you to understand how a sound people strategy can reinforce business performance. You will also get on-the-spot SkillsFuture advice and other assistance during the workshop.
*Prices quoted are for SC under SME. For other participants please refer to our website for more information.

For further information, please visit us or write to us at

SME Health+ Resource Pack

SME Health+ Resource Pack

About SME Health+

A healthy body and mind makes happy employees! Happy employees deliver peak performances and have higher productivity. Health Promotion Board supports your drive to care for your staffs’ health with SME Health+.

SME Health+ is a fuss free, easy to access and highly affordable health package that delivers health programmes at the convenience of your workplace.

How affordable is it?

HPB programme packages are co-funded at 70% up to a cap of $130 to $350 per 1-hour session , depending on the type of activities and attendance.

More details are in the table below.

To save you the time, we have employed two programme managers who are responsible for the administrative duties.

Contact our Programme Managers today!

Integrated Health Plans Pte. Ltd
Contact number: (+65) 6715 6188
Workforce Advancement Federation Ltd
Contact number: (+65) 6725 9866

Details of the co-funding you will receive

Programmes Details Co-funding
Chronic Disease Management
  • Basic health screening
  • At least 1x follow-up (e.g. phone call, face-to-face health coaching session)
Funded by HPB, up to $40/pax
Physical Activity
  • Pre-post evaluation (e.g. basic fitness or weight assessment)
  • At least 4x physical activity sessions
  • (≥15pax) HPB co-funds 70%, up to $130/1-hour session
  • (<15pax) HPB co-funds 70%, up to $8.60/pax per 1-hour session
  • At least 1x workshop in nutrition
  • (≥15pax) HPB co-funds 70%, up to $175/1-hour session
  • (<15pax) HPB co-funds 70%, up to $11.60/pax per 1-hour session
Mental Wellbeing
  • At least 1x workshop in mental wellbeing
  • (≥15pax) HPB co-funds 70%, up to $350/1-hour session
  • (<15pax) HPB co-funds 70%, up to $23.30/pax per 1-hour session

*HPB will co-fund each session when at least 15 participant attend the session. In the event that less than 15 workers attend the session, HPB will co-fund the cost per participant.

Is my company eligible for the co-funding?

SME Health+ is eligible for all SMEs with:

  • A Unique Entity Number (UEN)
  • Not more than 200 employees AND/OR not more than S$100 million annual sales turnover

What are the programmes under SME Health+?

Select from a myriad of programmes from the 4 key categories:

  1. Chronic Disease Management
    Monitor the risk of chronic disease with basic health screening that covers Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, fasting blood glucose and blood cholesterol including one follow-up health coaching session.
  2. Physical Activity
    Choose from a range of fun physical exercises conducted at the convenience of your workplace. Exercise delivers health benefits, as well as boosts productivity.
  3. Nutrition
    Achieving good health is not just about exercising; eating right is just as important. Learn about balanced meals, nutrition and quality calories through delicious recipes and enriching food for thought.
  4. Mental Wellbeing
    Bring harmony to your workplace. Be enlightened on ways to manage stress, build mental resilience and harness the power of emotional intelligence through therapeutic activities, mindfulness workshops and informative talks.
No information available