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Premium Tea Gift set with 3 tea canister from Pryce chinese tea

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Cocoon Night (10 pyramid sachets)Produced in carefully controlled surroundings, this decaffeinated Oolong tea leaf is touted for its doses of GABA and Alanine that reduces blood pressure and regulates the excitation of nerves. Blended with soothing herbs such as Australian Eucalyptus and French Lavender, this tea is set to hush you into a cocoon slumber.

Fruity Noon (10 pyramid sachets)Celebrating beautiful harvest of Autumn, this seasonal blend of handpicked Osmanthus flowers and aromatic flavors of Tie Guan Yin brews into a bouquet alike glacé Pink Lady apples. This tea is sure to cleanse gloomy midday blues with its bright refreshing flavor.

Fresh Dawn (NEW) (10 pyramid sachets)Peek-a-boo into a fresh new dawn with this refreshing blend of juicy Lychee and cushions of French roses. Rise and shine even on the toughest mornings with this delicious Red tea.

Gift set with the above 3 tea canister made for Woods Square TOP launch with exquisite box. Normal price is $25/ canister of tea or $75 per box. Best before 15 Jan 2022.

Pryce Tea seeks to demystify the age-old perception that Chinese teas are only enjoyed during elaborate tea ceremonies, to bring you wonderful epicurean blends that embody oriental finery with modern simplicity.

Its unflinching passion and a nose for quality has led the brand to win numerous Great Taste Awards and Singapore Packaging Star Awards for successive years since its inception in 2012.

Not resting on its laurels, Pryce Tea continues to share its passion for Chinese tea through tea appreciation workshops and creative infusions for the modern consumer.

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