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Liqui Moly AERO Rubber Seal Care 500ML

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Treats, cleans and improves the appearance of rubber components such as rubber seals, air baffles in airflow-cooled engines and rubber hoses in oil, vacuum and overpressure lines. This in turn prevents malfunctions, such as leaks under the cowling or the freezing-up of seals on doors, windows and baggage compartments. Ensures the elasticity of rubber hoses and seals, improving operational reliability.


Specially formulated for the treatment, protection and surface preparation of rubber components in the aviation sector. Refreshes rubber components and keeps them flexible to maintain component functionality. Specially formulated for the needs of general aviation.


Shake product vigorously before use. For small areas, spray onto a cloth and treat the components. For large areas, spray directly onto the part to be cleaned and rub with a cloth or rag. Do not spray onto tire treads. Regular application gives the optimum appearance.

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