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iphone 8 / 7 / 6s / 6 (4.7") - FIARA Anti Blue Light Screen Protector/ Filter | Self-Adhesive Film

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Not just a tint. Quality comes with price. Your eyes are worth it.

This Anti-Blue Light Screen Filter reduces the harmful blue-light exposure.

Fits Apple iPhone 8 / 7 / 6s / 6 (4.7 inch)

This filter is one-time application only, cannot be reuse or reapply once the self-adhesive protective film is removed from filter film.

Please choose carefully as there are no refunds or returns on Screen Filters.





Q1: I wear glasses with anti blue light coating. Why should I need another screen for my devices?

A1: Even the most well known brand for anti blue light glasses provides a reduction in blue light of 10% only. Know why? Any higher, your world will not look the beautiful, natural colour we grow up with anymore. Hence, the protection is limited.


Q2: Some anti blue light filters in the market have average 99% blue light filtering capability. What is Fiara's capability?

A2: Well, the figure is an average number. So we need to know which range of wavelength that figure is derived from. Blue light wavelength ranges from approximately 380nm to 500nm. Research has shown that the harmful wavelength is between 420nm to 460nm. We note that most products claiming 99% filtering is talking about the range 380nm to 400nm, a range that is not so harmful to our eyes in the first place. Others obtained their average based on a wide wavelength range of 380nm to 480nm.

Fiara's filters are specifically designed to filtering / blocking the artificial harmful blue-light (420nm - 460nm)

380nm - 420nm : average filtration is up to 45.21%

420nm - 460nm (peak 450nm) : average filtration is up to 27.48%

We can be so specific because these values are Proven & Verified by Australian Independent Test Authority & SGS Taiwan in the test of Transmittance and Reflectance.


Q3: Why Fiara cannot produce even higher filtration?

A3: Iphone is a touch screen product, at the moment, technology has not advanced to allow the screen to sense a touch if the filter gets thicker. Fiara has a patented product which is an acrylic screen for LCD/LED devices. This screen can block up to 99% harmful blue light emitted by LCD/LED (LED TV & Desktop Monitor). If you are interested in the acrylic screens, please message us.


Product is proudly designed in Australia and made in Taiwan.


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