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18 Tampines Industrial Crescent
Space@Tampines , #03-12A
Singapore , 528605
Trejoy Pte Ltd is the sole distributor of brands such as Sosro, Peachy, Crich, Khao Shong Nuts, hailing from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, etc. We have products ranging from baby food to drinks and is constantly seeking to provide more options for our consumers, offering them more choices. Our products can be found in supermarkets and our vending machines located islandwide.  Trejoy Pte Ltd was founded by Mdm Mei in 2015, with a vision of providing high-quality FMCG products. The name Trejoy was chosen as Mdm Mei, her husband, Francis and son, Jerrold, wanted the business and their customers to enjoy together. Here at Trejoy, we are committed to ensure that our products are made of the highest quality and affordably priced so that everyone can enjoy them. Why should you choose us? We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products for our customers at a reasonable price point. We ensure that everything is done perfectly, from fulfilling your orders to after-sales service, to provide the shopping experience you will never forget. Our aim is to offer consumers a wide variety of products from overseas, providing them the flexibility of options. We value our customers and is constantly seeking ways to ensure that every single one of them is satisfied. 

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