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Made in Ireland (5year warranty) Wireless Smoke Alarm / Smoke Detector

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Product Description

Every Home needs a smoke alarm. Made by Ei Electronics - The market leader in residential fire protection.

All Ei Electronics fire protection products are made in Ireland and has a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

The Ei105B is a Smoke Alarm that runs on a 9V battery (supplied with the alarm).

Ei105B smoke alarms operate using the light scatter principle to detect smoke particles entering the optical chamber within the alarm.

Optical sensing technology gives a rapid response to visible smouldering fires.

The Ei105B is easily installed and comes supplied with all necessary screw fixings.

The Ei105B is fitted with a warning flag that pops up when the battery is removed. This prevents the cover from closing when there is no battery fitted to the unit. When the battery is being installed or changed, this flag must be held down while gently pushing the battery into the battery holder.

When the battery is first connected, the alarm may sound for 2-3 seconds - this is normal and means that the battery is connected correctly.


  • The smoke detector will activate the built in sounder upon sensing smoke particles
  • The smoke detector will automatically reset itself and silence the sounder when smoke particles
    are no longer present in the sensing chamber
  • The built in sounder will provide a minimum sound output of 85dB at 3m
  • The smoke detector has a built in warning flag to prevent installation of the detector without a battery fitted
  • The "Test" button will perform a self test and sound the horn (it may take up to 10 seconds)
  • The smoke detector will emit a beep every 40 seconds to indicate that the battery back up is depleted and needs replacing
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