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Natural Antibacterial Reusable Mask Cleaner (100ml)

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Product details of Natural Reusable Mask Wash Antibacterial Deep Cleaning Mask cleaner

  • A Green Product Mask Wash SprayStudies have shown that wearing face masks in public 100% of the time greatly reduces transmission of the infectious disease. Therefore, since the spread of Covid-19, face masks are becoming a norm and we’ll probably still be wearing face masks for a long time to come.There are many types of masks around. Disposable vs Reusable? A Green Product supports reusable masks and therefore, we launched a plant-based “Mask Wash” spray to keep your mask clean each time you use them

Reusable Mask Care Tips

Cloth /Fabric reusable masks should be washed after each use. Importantly, if your mask gets wet or dirty, it’s time to take it off, put on a new one and wash the old one. Having a few reusable masks will help you manage the washing process, so you always have one to hand. Remember the mask may be contaminated, so don’t touch the front of it when taking it off. Instead, use the loops or ties to take it off, then store it in a plastic bag or dedicated area, ready to be washed. And wash your hands immediately afterwards. If you happen to have a surgical or medical mask, these are single-use only, so PLEASE DO NOT WASH THEM.

Washing cloth masks is pretty straightforward. STEP 1 Wash your hands. Wet the mask. STEP 2 Spray mask wash on both sides of the mask. Gently rub the mask. STEP 3 Rinse mask under running water. Dry mask indoors.







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