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*DEC SPECIAL 1-FOR-1* Chokeless Anti-clogging sink strainer; 2.5" chromed

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Chokeless sink strainer


This Sink Strainer has a built in chokeless feature to prevent sinks from choking. Most of the existing designs cause the sinks to choke when the residues eventually settle down in the strainer.


- Chokeless (Anti-clogging) design

- Resistance to hot boiling water (up to 100 deg C)

- Early pipe blockage indicator

- Small holes to trap wastes

- No gap

- Faster water flow

- Easy dises washing

- With handle for easy grapping


Model: SS-002-CHM

Material: High heat thermoplastic

Colour: Chromed

Temperature: Withstand up to 100 deg C hot boiling water

Important dimensions: e5fa80b375f2a74d2d8e0506d58191d2.jpg


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