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170MP Pour-in Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Standing

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WD-W2-170 MP
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W2-170MP, Specification

Product Information

Model number: W2-170 MP
Description: Hot & Cold water dispenser
Material of body: ABS and EGI Steel
Dimension: 310×300×1135(h)mm
Weight: 23kgs
Cold tank capacity: 3 liters
Hot tank capacity: 2 liters
Material of tanks: Stainless steel
Compressor: DAWOO or LG (optional)
Temperature of Cold water: 4~7℃
Temperature of Hot water: 80~90℃
Temperature control: By two sensors(bimetal)
The brand: "HI SEOUL"
The manufacturer and Origin: HYUNDAI WACORTEC, Korea

Specification - Mineral Pot
Size: 300(H)×310(W)×310(L)mm
Life Recomended of Catridges: 3,000 liters
Total Weight: 3.5kgs
Upper Water Container Capacity: 3 liters
Lower Water Container Capacity: 13.5 liters
Total Capacity: 16.5 liters

Mult - Stage Water Purification

Stage 1 Ceramic Filter
- "Sieving" Pre-Filter
- Anti-Bacterial

Stage 2 Ion-Exchange Resin Filter
- Water Softener

Stage 3 Purifying Activated Carbon Filter
- Intensive 'Absorptive' Filtration
- Deodorization
- Rapid Dichloride

Stage 4 Mineral Sand Filter
- Increase Mineral Content

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