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Kenz Cardico C601 Diagnostic Electrocardiograph 6 Channel Digital ECG

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Kenz Cardico C601 Diagnostic Electrocardiograph - 6 Channel Digital ECG (382-237964)

6 Channel Digital Electrocardiograph with Analysis.


  • 5.7" touch screen for patient data entry and preview of 12 lead ECG and analysis results
  • Huge data storage capability - Internal memory for maximum 200 resting ECG and removable USB memory for 5,000 ECG/2GB
  • Data transmission with LAN port XML data format output is possible
  • Direct connection with Epson inkjet printer
  • USB port for connecting with external keyboard (optional)
  • Compact dimensions 290 x 200 x 70mm
  • Weight just 2.2Kg

Package Includes

  • Cardico 601 ECG
  • Mains power lead
  • 10 lead patient cable
  • Patient electrode connections
  • 1 x paper pack
  • User Guide

Recording Modes

  • Auto Mode: Simple one-touch operation of fully automatic ECG display when abnormality if found and begin automatic recording and analysis
  • Pre-Check Mode: Standing by for occurance of arrghythmia and if detected automatic recording and analysis
  • Manual Mode: Conventional manual ECG recording without analysis, manual selection of leads, speed, sensitivity and filter
  • Long Term Mode: Analyse ventricular premature contraction, supraventricular premature contraction and atrial fibrillation, Automatic Nervous System test (ANST)
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