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Back Pain & Ache Pain Relief - BackHeat Non-medicated Heat Relief Patch (3 x 2s)

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Contains 3 packs of 2 pieces each (total of 6 pieces).

Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve back pains and aches by relaxing tension in the back muscles, thus easing pain. Heat also increases blood flow to the painful area, bringing oxygen and nutrients to heal the damaged tissues.

BackHeat is a air-activated heating pad that uses our proprietary RealHeat technology to produce an optimum level of heat, quickly and steadily, so that one can get quick relief in the midst of pain.

Product Benefits:

- Suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

- Effective & reliable: Provides optimum heat to combat pain. Produces steady heat over a long time.

- Fast heating: Starts heating up within 5 minutes upon contact with air for quick relief.

- Convenient & discreet: Easy to use and discreet to be worn under clothes.

- Long lasting: Provides continuous long lasting heat for up to 12 hours.

Ergonomic design: Side flaps allows BackHeat to fit snugly to the contours of your back.

The BackHeat Story

Long hours of sitting in the office, using computers and working on household chores have resulted in on-and-off back pains that affects many working professionals and housewives. Learning from the success of MenstruHeat Heat Patch, we set out to design BackHeat that not only provides the ideal temperature to soothe back pains, but also shaped to fit the contours of one's back.

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