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Argasol Silver Supplement 10ppm (250ml)

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Argasol 10ppm Silver Supplement
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Argasol Silver Supplement 10ppm

powered by SilverSol Technology, USA

(Your First Line of Defense against 650 different pathogens)

• patented silversol technology®
• clinically tested: anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal
• helps maintain optimal health
• immune system support
• safe and non-toxic
• clear, odorless & tasteless
• used orally
The colorless and odorless Silver Supplement helps support the immune system and is perfect for maintaining optimal health by effectively tackling illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. Well-researched, patented and powerfully effective, the Argasol™ Silver Supplement is produced with advanced technology that is able to ensure a stable non-toxic and safe solution for adults and children.
Suggested Use:
For Adults
For immune system maintenance - ½ tablespoon, 1-2 times a day
For therapeutic - 2 tablespoons, 1-2 times a day
For acute condition - 2 tablespoons, 3 times a day
For Children
For immune system maintenance (under 12) - ¼ tablespoon, once a day
For therapeutic use 1 tablespoon, 1-2 times a day
For acute condition 2 tablespoons, 2 times a day
*Take separate from salt or salty food/drink
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