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MEKO Golden sand eyeshadow

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New from MEKO cosmetics, a new kind of eyeshadow from Taiwan.



Fresh line of colours of eyeshadow to express the seasons, love any seasons? Get this from MEKO cosmetics.



1. MEKO Golden sand eyeshadow 01 Spring land



Spring with the colours of Malt brown, Bronze, Purkish brown and tint brown. Like a seasons of spring which brings a spot of life into your eyes.



2. MEKO Golden sand eyeshadow 02 Summer land



Summer with the colours of Cream, Purkish brown, greyish brown and warm brown. A warm colours of summer where it gives a glaring spark to your eyes.



3. MEKO Golden sand eyeshadow 03 Autumn land



Autumn with a colours of Beige, Bronze, Goth Brown and Warm brown. The feel of autumn where there’s a mood for alone time, the eyes that gives you a look of mature and sense of being you.



4. MEKO Golden sand eyeshadow 04 Winter land



Winter with the colours of Mist grey, Choco brown, Goth brown and pinkish brown. It’s the time of colour where winter is cold and snow, the colour of the eyeshadow makes it feels like sharp and ready.



So why get this?


* Last all day long.


* Contains high pearl powder.


* High pigmentations to show great contrast colours.



Interested? Get it here at IPretty Studio of course, the appointed distributor for MEKO cosmetics.


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