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Blackhead Remover Vacuum/Suction | Curved Blackhead Extractor Tool Set

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Blackhead Remover Vacuum/Suction | Acne Cleaner |Curved Blackhead Professional ABS Pimple Comedone Extractor Tools Set

Product Details:

Material: ABS

Size: 21*10.5*4.5cm

Weight: 0.21kg

Rated Current: 220mAh

Technology: Vacuum Suction

Power Supply: USB Charging Port

- The big round hole head's attraction is big, it can be used to suck blackhead and shape V face. After absorption of black, need to absorb moving slowly on the skin, don't suck one place all the time. Shape V face, moving from down to top, slowly from the chin up.
- The small round hole head' s suction is week, it can be used to suck blackhead and suit for thin skin tender.
- Elliptical transparent head, mainly for the wrinkle and fine lines; need to stick to the skin, quick through, repeated many times. Improve blood circulation and skin elasticity.
*Micro crystalline heads mainly used for grinding and exfoliating; use no more than 2 times a week.

*Vacuum Physical Suction Design from level 1 to level 4 suction force, you can adjust the force you like to cure your pore. One-click design to change the force and long press to shut down the device.

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