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A silky-smooth, radiance face primer to minimize the look of pores and helps skin look bright and awake

AQUTOP Water Color Makeup Cream has different types depending on your skin tone and color. Use our color guide shown below to find the solution that fits your skin best.

If you have skin that tends to be too red or easily becomes red, our “Rolling Green” cream is for you. The more cream that is applied, the greater the whitening and normalizing effect.

If you have skin that tends to be too pale, “Rolling Pink” cream is the perfect fit for your skin. It will enhance pale skin to give it energy and enhance natural colors.

AQUTOP water makeup cream reduces dullness, blurs pores, evens out the skin tone, and gives your skin a natural glow. 

+ Tone Correcting

+ Pore Covering

+ Natural Glowing

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