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A'PIEU Milk One-pack Mask [Bundle of 5 pcs]

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If you’re looking to achieve a brighter, more even complexion, using a sheet mask packed with antioxidants is a must.

APIEU MILK ONE-PACK MASK is soaked in a milky essence formulated with fruit extract, an ingredient that brightens skin and evens out complexion with antioxidants and vitamin C. Pearl extract also helps to take brightening to the next level, while milk extract, hyaluronic acid, and fermented ingredients impart deep hydration to the skin. The special air pockets in this sheet mask allows it to retain moisture for longer and spread the essence evenly throughout skin without causing irritation.

1. White Milk : Milk protein extract softens skin dead skin for clear skin care. Aloe extract supply moisture with soothing effect.
2. Strawberry Milk: Real milk essence gives hydrated skin, prevent drying and gives moisture skin care. Vitamin C rich strawberry extract gives bright and clear skin appearance.
3. Chocolate Milk: Cacao extract sooth dead skin for silky skin care, plum extract purify skin for clear and bright skin.
4. Green Tea Milk: Green Tea extract sooth sensitive skin gently for healthy skin care. Moisture balance control with hazel extract gives safe skin condition.
5. Banana Milk: Banana milk one pack mask vitalizing and nourishing your skin with banana and royal jelly extracts and milk essence hydrates and exfoliates your skin.
6. Coffee Milk:  Coffee seed extract and hydrolyzed collagen that help firm skin. Adenosine helps prevent premature aging while milk extract and hyaluronic acid hydrate skin, making it feel firmer, smoother, and more radiant.
7. Coconut Milk: Contains fiber, vitamin B, coconut extract and mushroom extract. Coconut extract is a great moisturizing and hydrating skin. Mushroom extract helps with anti-inflammatory.

How to Use

After cleansing, use a toner to refine skin texture. Place mask on entire face, avoiding eyes and lips.  After about 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and lightly pat to absorb the remaining essence.


This mask is the most effective when used twice a week.

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