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Adon Touch'Up Your Grey

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Available in Hair stick and Hair Mascara !

(1) How to remove?
Shampoos off easily. Use of daily shampoo to remove the temporary color completely, without waxy build up on hair.

(2) Is this waterproof?
No. Do not go under heavy rain without umbrella or shelter. However if it is light drizzle, don't worry, temporary hair color will not run.

(3) Will it stain my scalp?
No, it will not. If you apply the temporary hair color on your scalp, it will come off when you shampoo your hair at the end of the day.

(4) Will it stain my clothings?
If you accidentally apply the temporary hair color on your clothes, soak in soap water and wash as per normal.

(5) Can I still use hair spray or hair wax after using this?
Yes, we recommend that you let the hair mascara dry slightly first before you proceed with using your hair styling products. You can comb through to blend well.

(6) I am allergic to certain hair dyes. Is this the same as those?
For all products, we recommend our customers to perform a skin test first on the inner side of your wrist before applying it your hair. This is unlike permanent hair dyes, it does not contain ammonia and/or peroxide and/or PPD. Hence it will not cause any allergic reactions.

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