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02 Oct 2018
by Jun Hao WONG
KeepWear - fun, fashionable undergarments for both genders

KeepWear, an underwear fashion middle-ground

Kenny Chng wants his drawers to be in everyone's drawers.

His fashion retail start-up, KeepWear, sells exactly that. Unmentionables. Intimates. Undergarments.

KeepWear’s line of fun, fashion skivvies is the direct result of a conversation Kenny had with his business partner.

"During a random catch-up, we both mentioned how branded underwear brands are getting increasingly expensive while some household brands were of good quality but not comfortable due to its cutting," Kenny says.

Taking the conversation to the next level, the duo felt the bulk of underwear brands out there fell into one of two categories – very loud or very dull, unable to satisfy consumer’s desire for underwear that is both comfortable yet fun looking.

Hence, KeepWear’s niche of pop-graphic paper-airplane and dreamy constellation prints on their boyshorts and boxers; perfect for the customer who’s tired of your lack of a fashion middle-ground.

“We started exploring the possibilities for this business in October of 2016, after traveling to different countries to source for manufacturers, we managed to find a suitable one in Hanoi, Vietnam,” Kenny says. He was specific in his strategy, poring over produce samples to perfect KeepWear’s materials and cutting.

KeepWear’s first batch of products rolled off the production line in February last year, after months of research and development. “We have since launched more than 10 different designs and also had a pop up at Scotts Isetan,” Kenny says.

The brand, still in it’s infancy, already keeps to a sleek exterior image; their website is easy-to-use, and their product range is varied but not overwhelming – for both genders. “Inherently as a startup, we have a very lean setup - the business is mostly run by me and my business partner, where we have to do many things on our own,” Kenny says. Short of the manufacturing process, everything is done in-house by Kenny and his team – ranging from the design up to the packing and delivery.

“To date, we have sold almost 5000 pairs of Keep undies in Singapore,” Kenny says, with plans to only keep going up.

Kenny says, “as much as I have the benefit of having flexible working hours, I have to handle many things on my own – but this has made me more self-sufficient and disciplined to ensure that my day is as productive as possible.” Kenny says that naturally, he has learnt to be more resourceful as tried and tested cookie-cutter solutions cannot be applied to niche business concepts such as KeepWear.

Put simply, Kenny’s objective to keep wearing KeepWear, literally and figuratively.


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