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18 Oct 2018
by Singtel 99SME Marketplace Admin
Good Dog People founder, Terry Peh

There are many trends in today’s zeitgeist. Sustainability and eco-friendly sourcing of products, health-crazes like the Paleo Diet, and everything underneath the sun on ethical business. Terry Peh founded his company, Good Dog People, on a whole amalgamation of these points.

Sourcing products from reputable brands, quality-controlling their products and maximizing after-sales service; Terry is putting the social into social enterprise, but not only for humans.

Good Dog People was borne out of a response to a lack of regulation in the local pet food industry. Owning two Miniature Schnauzers himself, Terry’s focus on maximizing care for animals is evident in his business.

Terry is no hands-off CEO, and there is no automation to the day-to-day running of Good Dog People. He sends some of the catch-up texts to customers, inquiring about the status of their dog. Terry even writes the articles on the website, giving his customers the added value of his animal expertise.

From first impressions, it is clear that Good Dog People’s website puts the care of your animal at the forefront. As an ecommerce website, the user journey is sleek and focuses on healthy food and holistic pet toys. With their partnership with HeyVet!, an online vet service, that nothing is more paramount than their customer’s best friend.

To top it off, a portion of proceeds goes to Good Dog People’s animal charity of choice, such as Action for Singapore Dogs. So while your pooch may get a Le Creuset dog bowl, part of that money goes to other dogs too.

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