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Fu Wah Department Store

11 Jan 2019
by: 99SME Admin
Christine of Fu Wah department store has been in business for 25 years. A veteran in the beauty retail space, she doesn’t just keep up with the beauty trends but also keeps up with the digital age. She has gone online because she believes in serving her customers wherever and whenever they need her products. By going digital, she is not constrained by her physical...

The Fun Empire

TheFunEmpire - bubble soccer in Singapore
22 Nov 2018
by: Jun Hao WONG
Team Building Is More Than Just Trust Falls Ryan Ho used to travel frequently as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, and he would always marvel at the interesting activities overseas that are unavailable in Singapore. He and his then-girlfriend (now wife), Natasha, got intrigued when they noticed a viral vid eo of people playing soccer in inflatable...

​ToTT Store and Sia Huat

Tan Choon Boon and Grace Tan, two generations of kitchenware product sales
13 Nov 2018
by: Jun Hao WONG
At first glance, ToTT Store and Sia Huat seem like competitors, slowly encroaching on each other’s market territory. ToTT – that’s Tools of The Trade – sells kitchenware and tableware, while Sia Huat sells foodservice equipment. ToTT’s main audience are homeowners, private cooks and bakers, mostly the public who are interested in hosting at home. Sia Huat, on the other...

Oh My Goodness!

31 Oct 2018
by: Kamal Ikmal Shahril MUHAMMAD
A common misconception about healthy food is that it is one of two things – not tasty or not cheap. Worse if it’s both. Oh My Goodness! (that’s their real name) is combating these exact issues. Born out of a need to make gluten and dairy-free food more accessible and affordable, founder Ramya Ragupathi started Oh My Goodness! focusing...

Dr Tan and Partners

18 Oct 2018
by: Jun Hao WONG
Dr Tan and Partners’ are making a bold attempt to answer a simple primary healthcare question – “wouldn’t it be convenient for you to go to a clinic in Jakarta that had access to the same medical records as the clinic you went to a few days ago in Singapore?” Their answer – A network of clinics with the same branding and same quality. Scaling primary healthcare for growth...

Good Dog People

Good Dog People founder, Terry Peh
18 Oct 2018
by: Jun Hao WONG
There are many trends in today’s zeitgeist. Sustainability and eco-friendly sourcing of products, health-crazes like the Paleo Diet, and everything underneath the sun on ethical business. Terry Peh founded his company, Good Dog People, on a whole amalgamation of these points. Sourcing products from reputable brands, quality-controlling their products and maximizing...


Zairyo's founder, Amanda Tan
10 Oct 2018
by: Jun Hao WONG
Uni-versal Access Truly good sushi demands a premium. Not just in price, which is a given, but in skilled hands to create, in palette to appreciate, and especially in time required to source. Unfortunately, not being amid the hustle and bustle of Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market means that those in Singapore looking for high-quality sushi are at a loss....

Hype and Seek

Hype and Seek, marketing solutions for modern needs
02 Oct 2018
by: Jun Hao WONG
Modern-day marketing, bridging connections in the influencer landscape Brigitte Chua, co-founder of Hype and Seek, holds onto a very interesting business premise, one that is both very millennial, and very niche. In fact, it is treading new ground on the changing marketing and advertising world, yet Hype and Seek is barely into its second year of...


KeepWear - fun, fashionable undergarments for both genders
02 Oct 2018
by: Jun Hao WONG
KeepWear, an underwear fashion middle-ground Kenny Chng wants his drawers to be in everyone's drawers. His fashion retail start-up, KeepWear, sells exactly that. Unmentionables. Intimates. Undergarments. KeepWear’s line of fun, fashion skivvies is the direct result of a conversation Kenny had with his business partner. "During a...


26 Sep 2018
by: Vera Pei Shan YEE
Zeemart, making Food and Beverage supply more black and white An interesting statistic that founders of Zeemart, Keith Tan and Neeraj Sundarajoo, will share with you is 50% of Food and Beverage (F&B) start-ups do not survive beyond 3 years in Singapore. Couple that with a staggering 90% do not survive beyond 5 years, and suddenly reasoning why the turnover of...