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Perfect Saver (Magic Slim + Magic BooBs)

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How Does Magic Slim™ Works?

  • Magic Slim™ is a body shaper which utilizes the latest technology advancements like far-infrared, negative ions & nanometer to help users attain the figure they desire.
  • Magic Slim™ uses “memory fabric” which allows the wearer to move about freely & comfortably. “memory Fabric” will memorise & target to burn fats evenly.
  • Magic Slim™ Body Shaper aim to firm & shape the desired areas such as midriff, tummy, sides, wast, bottoms, thigh, back & hips. They could be worn as invisible under-clothing with flat seams & support panels. They adopt 4 whats stretch & memory to retain shape even through its removed from the body. The garments exhibit 100% recovery times & will not get stretched.
  • Magic Slim™ Body Shaper also help to even out cellulite.
  • Enhancing body shapers increase the lipo-transportation & work in a natural & effective way.

Benefits of Magic Slim™

  • Help remove your weight with unique way of wearing it by pulling from below to top. Just pull it on and the S shape appears immediately.With one gentle pull, the lumbar abdomen area reduces immediately by 5 cm, the pound flesh disappears fully, and the body figure becomes forcefully tall and straight.
  • Removes body fat by using MPT and Japan fat burning technique.Containing heat-emitting Ti-Ge-Ag elements, appressed with the skin, creating over 230 billion negative ions to promote oxygenolysis of fatty acid and discharge it from the body through intestinal canal.Like a shovel car taking up the fat and putting it into a furnace for burning, letting the fat burn by itself, the weight will be eaten up rapidly.Ti-Ge-Ag containing outer fabric is good it has super thin thickness ,bacteria-killing and has skin whitening effect.When putting it on, you won’t feel hot and suffocating in all seasons.
  • Aiming at the obstinate area the criss-cross back is used for getting cross resultant force to tense the back and reduce weight, effectively eliminating and reducing the size of the abdomen.It is true that the more you wear it, the more fitter you get and your figure won’t change after taking it off.Furthermore, lots of Nanometer, Infrared techniques are used on the back and abdomen area.To facilitate blood circulation and enhance Metabolism function, especially keeping the women warm during their menstrual periods.
  • The traditional body-shaping garment tightens the whole body, inhibits blood flow and aggravates fat accumulation without any help for the body.When it is taken off, the shape returns to the original.With MPT fat-burning technique with over 230 billion negative ions.It can promote the oxygenolysis of fatty acid and eat up pound flesh rapidly.So when wearing it, your fat is burning every minute and second and your body is becoming thinner day and night.
  • The former body-shaping garments are always either with buttons or zippers, difficult to wear.

Now the design is different!

It needs only one gentle pull from below to top, the bulging belly will be flatted out. And you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long time.


Magic Slim Size Chart

Magic Slim Body Shaper Sizing Chart
XS 22-24 31-33
S 25-27 34-36
M 28-30 37-39
L 31-33 40-42
XL 34-36 43-45
2XL 37-39 46-48
3XL 40-42 49-51
4XL 43-45 52-54
5XL 46-52 55-57


A uniquely designed bra that utilizes state of-the-art fabric commonly used in space suits & comes coupled with negative ions, far-infrared, maifanite stone, bio-magnet, & bamboo charcoal & trace element capabilities.

  • Magic BooBs material is elegantly hued, luxuriously smooth & soft, elastic, comfortable, colorfast &shrink-proof.
  • Magic BooBs uses quality silk fabric incorporates an elastic structure& a double vapours barrier layer.
  • Magic BooBs is comfortably airy, sweat-absorbent, deodorizing & anti-bacterial.
  • Weighing 50g & only 0.5mm thin, it‘s the worlds lightest & thinnest bra!

Key Features of Magic BooBs™

Magic BooBs™ is the First Global R&D Technology Bra, where softness & toughness can reach 18 times of ordinary materials.

  • Lift up: the L-type high flexibility breast support is so soft just like our hands, wear it & with just a pull, busts line will be lifted up 90 degrees immediately.
  • Lock fat: the O style memory cup is made from an advanced plastic chests mold in France, it helps to centralize the disperse breasts again.
  • Re-development: Consists of 1900 life magnetic points in the cup, once in contact with chest, it releases 1000 Gaussian electro-magnetic, dredge the meridians, & promotes the re-development of the chest & mammary gland.

Benefits of Magic BooBs™

  • Manage all the idle fat around us, from two nipples to the middle of clavicle.
  • Helps to maintain the golden triangle, thus, breasts can maintain their shape. When you wake up,you will find sagging breasts being lifted & disperse breasts have centralized!
  • A sport style underwear it helps sagging breasts by centralizing them & lifting them up & its made from strong sweat absorbing high-tech material, suitable for active women.
  • Shoulder straps are wide to protect the breasts by holding your breasts comfortably & snugly.
  • Adopts the deep cup style, hence, it can hold fleshy breasts as well. It will push the breasts upward & your breasts can have enough space for growth.
  • Has thick front & back band which can smooth bulging fats instantly. You can wear tight fitting clothes with confidence!
  • Helps in the secondary growth of your breasts safely & effectively without any toxic & side effects.

Magic Boobs™ is Suitable For

  • Teenage girls as it can hold the position of the breasts to prevent the spillover of fats, which will result in flat chest.
  • Women during pregnancy & lactation. After lactation, the bulgy breasts will shrink quickly. The breasts will hang down like two cloth bags if there is no external support.
  • Women who has sagging or uneven breast.
  • Women who would like to have healthy & beautiful breasts.

Magic Boobs Size Chart

Your Bra Size 70-75cm 80-85cm 90-95cm
Magic BooBs Size M L XL
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