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Howlite helps with insomnia , especially those caused by overactive mind. Formulates ambitions , teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress. Strengthens bone , joint and teeth. Howlite is believed to also control negative impulses and help develop patience , tolerance and a positive outlook on life.

Formulates Ambitions
Helps Insomnia
Eliminate rage, pain & stress
Helps Bone, joint & teeth
Develop patience & tolerance

Charms: Hematite Stone Charm (Natural Stone)

Beads used: Howlite 8mm and One 10mm Lava Rock

*Lava Rock is known for its scent absorbing properties, it will absorb scent from perfume oils, aroma oils , perfume and essential oils for as long as 3-5 hours.

*Note that product may vary in colour or Inconsistencies in appearance and texture of the beads due to the nature of stones. Actual product may differ due to differences in resolution of your device and settings.

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