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Vietjoy GAC Sunset Fruit Jelly

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Vietjoy GAC Sunset Fruit Jelly - 180g/box (6sachet)
Brand Story - We are a Singapore based company which aims to bring joy to both our consumers and farmers. Our aim is to innovate unique and healthy beverage that suits all age group.
With rich nutrients packed in our drinks, it is hence a beverage you should consider!

General information

Our Vietjoy Gac Sunset Fruit Jelly is a unique fruit found in South East Asia, notably Vietnam where it is typically served during the Lunar New Year.
Gac fruit is well known for its rich content of Vitamin A which is responsible for the normal function of the immune system and is essential for the functioning of the eye.
Our Vietjoy Sunset Fruit Jelly is a meticulously crafted combination of light sweetness and tarness from apple, white guava and blackcurrant, accompanied by creamy gac fruit and fragrant soursop leaf tea. This unique blend, made from naturally grown fruits from Vietnam, is the perfect boost to rejuvenate your body after a long day of working.
- Provides 1 serving of fruits

- Anywhere without any hassle.
- Allergen information: Contains seaweed extract

Ingredientsinclude:Fruits and Vegetable concentrate(Lychee, Mango, Cucumber, Passion Fruit). Inulin, Gac Fruit puree, Konjac Jelly Powder, Chia Seeds.

180g (6 sachet/box)

Storage condition:

Can be kept in ambient conditions or infridge.
Once opened, use within 12hours, the temperature of 10°C


  1. Just open upsachet
  2. Slurp
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