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Three Legs Cooling Water 200ml


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Three Legs Cooling Water has been in market since 1937. For the past 82 years, its effect in relieving body heatiness and quench thirst has stood the test of time. Three Legs Cooling Water has been the go-to choice with millions consuming it throughout Southeast Asia. Today, about 1 million units of Three Legs Cooling Water alone were sold to our consumers every day. It contains natural minerals like Gypsum Fibrosum which is widely used in the world of TCM for its cooling properties. It is suitable to combat various type of body heatiness. A person may be prone to getting “heatiness” if:

the person is exposed to hot weather or environment for a long time;
the person undergoes long term fatigue, or stays up late, experiences intense work pressure, bad mood, stress, or poor sleep;
the person takes spicy, fried or heaty food; 


Ingredient: Gypsum Fibrosum


Product: 8 clusters x 6 bottles x 200ml

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