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Kim Guan Guan Coffee Powder 200 (金源源咖啡粉 200克 小包装)

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Kim Guan Guan Coffee Powder (200G)
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Pour over coffee use small package ( 200g ) coffee powder for family

1)Porcelain cups or glasses (200 – 220 mililiter) scalded with hot water, scoop into 30 – 32 grams of sweet milk (plus 3 – 5 grams of creamer milk, more delicious);

2)White cloth or gauze filter bag (Singapore grocery store for sale), with boiling water over the past smell (filter bag can be reused);

3)A mall package of coffee powder (200 grams) pour into a teapot that more than 2 liters;

4)Into the 1.2 to 1.3 liters of boiling water (100 degrees), while red edge stir, a little pause to filter (pause time is too long, the coffee bitter taste);

5)Filtered coffee juice into the sweet milk cup to half a cup, add boiling water quickly to full;

6)A packet of coffee powder will get 8 to 9 cups of coffee;


1)将热水烫过的瓷杯或者玻璃杯(200 – 220 豪升)舀入 30 – 32 克的甜奶(再加3 – 5克的淡奶味道更好);