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Jiu Ji Gong Brown Sugar

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JiuJiGong Handmade Brown Sugar, is a brown sugar produced through traditional brewing process with modern health quality testing technology. With no additives and no preservatives; only the good essence from the natural sugar cane, is an ideal nutritional drinks especially for female. Product Specifications: Ingredients: Sugar Cane Storage Method: Cool and dry place keep out of direct sunlight Shelf life: 730 days Food Additives: None Net content: 400g Packing: Bulk packaging Sugar type: Brown sugar Brand: 九吉公 JiuJiGong Series: 九吉公老红糖 JiuJiGong Traditional Brown Sugar Specifications: 400g /box Origin: Mainland China Province: Shandong Province City: Weifang City Goodness of JiuJiGong Brown Sugar: To maintain youthful, Expel cold in preparing for pregnancy, Detox, Boost immune system, Improve body physical fitness 【For Men】Enrich Qi and Strenthen kidney,Nourish liver 【For Women】Improve body physical fitness, Maintain youthful appearance 【For Children】Ease cold and cough, Increase appetite and Boost immune system 【For Golden Age】Ease Rheumatism, joint pain, loss of appetite and night cough 【Drink before meal】Good for weight loss 【Hypoglycemia】Balance blood sugar level 【Relieve drunk hangover】Relieve hangover symptoms, Expedite alcohol decomposition, Protect the liver 产品特色: 广药集团敬修堂“九吉公老红糖”,在恪守纯正古法的前提下,以传统熬制工序结合现代健康质量检验技术,不添加任何添加剂,天然凝结甘蔗体内的多元温补成分,为女性消费者提供了高品质的温补饮品。 产品规格: 配料表:甘蔗 储藏方法:阴凉干燥处避光保存 保质期:730 天 食品添加剂:无 净含量: 400g 包装方式: 牛皮纸独立包装 食糖种类: 红糖 品牌: 九吉公 系列: 九吉公老红糖 规格: 400g/盒 产地: 中国大陆 省份: 山东省 城市: 潍坊市九吉公老红糖➡️益处:美容养颜,暖胃、驱寒暖宫、调经助孕,备孕、排毒、增强抵抗力、改善体质、改善手脚冰凉 【男人喝】补气健肾,补中养肝 【女人喝】调理体质,美容养颜 【小孩喝】治疗感冒,咳嗽,风寒 开胃提高抵抗力 【老人喝】改善风湿,关节疼痛,食欲不振,夜咳 【饭前喝】减少饭量,有益减肥 【血糖低】平衡血糖,减少头晕 【解酒护肝】解宿醉、不头晕,加速分解酒精,保护肝脏,防止酒精肝

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