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Magie de Noel

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Low Sugar Artisan Citrus Lingonberry Jam 

130ml Vegan friendly

Preserved in-house using 80% fresh orange, lemon, lingonberries and 20% sugar. Naturally set with no added pectin.

Drizzle over dark chocolate ice cream or overnight oatmeal or simply a brioche toast.


Beetroot Coconut Egg Free Pops

120g Vegetarian friendly

Naturally pink sweet beetroot and coconut cookie, little added sugar.

Allergens : Dairy / Wheat


Superfood All Natural No Sugar Vegan Granola


Naturally sweet dried black mulberry, dried cranberry, toasted almond, golden raisin, pumpkin seed, and a hint of Himalayan pink salt.

Allergens : Nut 


Gourmet Speculoos


Hand cut thin cookie naturally flavoured with fresh orange zest, lightly spiced with cinnamon, little added sugar.

Allergens : Dairy / Egg / Wheat


Maldon Sea Salt Chocolate Egg Free Pops

120g Vegetarian friendly

Handcrafted, light and crumbly chocolate and Maldon Sea Salt cookies.  

Allergens : Dairy / Wheat


Christmas Joie


Buttery Christmas tree puff with Madagascar vanilla sugar.

Allergens : Dairy / Wheat 


Spiced Savoury Meringue



Sweet and savoury piped rosette meringue are naturally flavoured with dried thyme, kaffir lime, onion, basil, black pepper, chilli, garlic and salt. These beauties add punch to the festive flavours and fun!

Allergens : Egg 


Kyoto-Uji Matcha Almond Egg Free Pops

120g Vegetarian Friendly

Handcrafted, Uji-Matcha and ground almond cookie.  

Allergens : Dairy / Nut / Wheat


Double Cheese Cookies

100g Diabetic Friendly

Parmesan, cheddar shortbread cookie naturally flavoured with paprika, garlic and salt.  These are savoury cookies, so no sugar is used.  Insanely addictive and flavourful.  

Allergens : Dairy / Wheat

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