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Harmony CNY Gift Set

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The Harmony Gift Set consists of 4 bottles of the best selling cookies :-  
1. Pineapple Balls. Golden rich, evenly shaped pineapple balls that you will want to pop in your mouth one after another! Made with fresh pineapples, the filling perfectly compliments the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the buttery pastry. Net Weight 195g+-; 14pcs+-.
2. Pineapple Tarts. Our signature pineapple jam on the traditional flower pastry. This open-face pineapple tarts is a traditional must have every CNY. Net Weight 215g+-; 18pcs+-.
3. Cranberry Almond Cookies. Made with cranberries, almonds and cornflakes, these multi texture cookie strives a good balance between crunchiness and taste, with the cranberries giving a refreshing freshness. Net Weight 105g+-; 12pcs+-.
4. Kueh Bangkit Cookies.A very traditional cookie made with fresh coconut milk, tapioca flour and eggs, this melt in your mouth nonya cookie often test the baker’s skills. It is also Gluten free. Net Weight 130g+-; 40pcs+-.

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