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These are your top 3 favourite SMEs:

1. Fluff Mail Pte Ltd

2. Fu Wah Department Store

3. Pink Beauty Cosmetics Pte Ltd

Look out for the 2019 edition of the contest. Three winning SMEs will receive a S$100,000 advertising grant each from Mediacorp.

Continue to support your favourite SMEs and shop with them!

These are the winning entries for 2018.

Fluff Mail Pte Ltd

Fluff Mail is a baby carrier specialist online store set up by a mumtrepreneur. As our founder welcomed her third boy, she needed help to free up her hands! Our founder felt more empowered when babywearing as she can be running around and keeping up with all tasks. She is inspired to spread the babywearing knowledge to more parents. Our founder is duo-certified by Die Trageschule Dresden Germany and School of Babywearing UK to even help parents with special need babies.

Fluff Mail continues to help parents with our finely sourced ergonomic carriers that passed stringent safety tests and use the finest materials suitable from newborns. We provide virtual babywearing consultations making use of technology to advice parents that new parents no longer need to spend time travelling to a physical store. Customers can receive their orders on the same working day. A new way of shopping for baby product!

Fu Wah Department Store

Fu Wah Department is located in the heartland of Bedok for more than 30 years. We strive to provide the best variety of products at the most affordable prices for everyone! We are specialise in selling products ranging from cosmetics, beauty, hair, fragrance, healthcare, slimming and organic products. With the rise in online shopping nowadays, we have move towards selling our products online. Hence, we hope to win the prize and use it to increase our online exposure.

Pink Beauty Cosmetics Pte Ltd

Beauty should be affordable and relatable. There are many Singaporeans who still prefer to shop in the heartland areas. We survive because the products we sell works and we have many loyal customers in return! Definitely not because of any extensive marketing budget we have to promote the products.

We may not have the advertising budget big conglomerates like Sephora have but we maximize our resources and try to reach out to the masses through many platforms. Our adverts may not be the first ones you see on facebook, but we never stop trying to reach out.

The beauty industry has been glamorized exponentially in recent years with the advancement of social media. This has given conglomerates more leverage and in turn more market share as compared to when Pink Beauty had first started out. Granting us more advertising grant benefits you, all you beauty lovers out there. Let us even out the playing field once more. Let us bring back the competition and bring more cost savings to customers!

We just need an opportunity to be heard.

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