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TAKEX Clean EXTRA Hand and All Purpose Food Grade Halal Sanitizer - Japan Technology 5L, Top up $12 For Procare Adult 3ply Surgical Mask 50pcs!

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Top up $12 For Procare Adult 3ply Surgical Mask 50pcs!

SZE HENG CHAN is the ONLY Exclusive Distributor in Singapore for all TAKEX products.


TAKEX Clean Extra (70-80 w/w(%) Ethanol)  - Hand and Surface Sanitation needs

Tested Effective Against COVID-19 Virus

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ALCOHOL is an IMPORTANT ingredients against BACTERIA and VIRUS!

Protect our loved ones by using TAKEX Clean Sanitizers against bacteria and virus as hand sanitation or surface cleaning at home, office or wherever you are.

Combining BAMBOO and ALCOHOL, all TAKEX Clean Sanitizers surpass the EFFECTIVENESS of other existing alcohol formulation.

Just SPRAY and let do TAKEX Clean Sanitizers all the work for you. Effective on WET and DRY hands or surfaces without the need to wipe.

Effectiveness up to 3 hours with continuously application.


All TAKEX Clean Sanitizers are effective against H1N1, H5N3, Celine Calicivirus, Salmonella, Ecoil, other bacteria, mold,fungi and ability to remove odour (army boots, sport shoes, toilet etc)

All lab tests done in Japan!

No Bacteria, No Virus, No Problem!

細菌は私たちの一番の天敵の一つです! 私たちは細菌から愛する人たちを守らなければなりません。家の中や周りにいる細菌やウイルスを殺菌するためにTakex Cleanを使い続けましょう.

Takex Cleanをスプレーして、Takex Cleanにすべてお任せください.

All 5L tub comes with free special designed nozzle. Do replace nozzle with original sealing cap and cap after refilling.


Why TAKEX Clean Sanitizer?

Wide range of antibacterial actions

Positive effectiveness against virus,bacteria,mold, fungi and odor.

Effective even wet surface

Performas the sterilization effect even when hands/surfaces are damp.

Excellent Sustainability

Continuous disinfection even when product has evaporated.

Human-friendly and Excellent Safety Performance

Natural and food grade ingredients.

Excellent Deodorizing Effect

Quick decomposition of odor (Eg army boots, sport shoes, toilet, dumping area etc)


Precautionary Statements

1. Please keep away from heat and flame.

2. Keep in cool, dark and sealed place out of children reach.

3. Strictly not for drinking, for external used on hands and hard surfaces.

4. Do not mixed with chlorine based agent.

5. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. Consult doctor within 24 hours if irritation and redness persist.

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