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Used Sonix SATA/ IDE HDD Duplicator

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Sonix™ duplicates or “clones” the contents of one hard drive onto another; a source

drive, typically referred to as the Master and a

destination drive known as the Target. It is capable
of copying data from the Master drive to the Target
drive at speeds of more than 3.0 GB/ min. The unit
also has the capability to clone data to/from a hard
drive installed inside a PC through the USB port

Sonix™ has an intuitive user

interface and powerful features that make hard
drive cloning fast and easy. It also has an easy-to-
read “OLED” display. Logicube’s exclusive Clever
Clone™ technology automatically supports all DOS,
Windows 95/ 98/2000/ME/XP and Windows NT
partitions while the advanced 100% Clone™ mode
can perform sector-by-sector copying for all
partition types including Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun, and OS2.
The optional OmniDiagnostics™ software adds
additional features for finding and repairing hard
drive data problems, recovering weak or bad data
sectors, and securely erasing personal and
confidential information.

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